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Expedia Group is an American online travel shopping company for consumer and small business travel. It's websites, which are primarily travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines, include CarRentals.com, Expedia.com, HomeAway, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, trivago and Vrbo.

Their workspace sounds abysmal. "Low salary, does not matter if you have diplomas or not, they make no difference. Extremely poorly managed. Management will force the company decisions on you. You either comply and say nothing or you'll be pushed to the door. Management is hierarchic, you should be seen well by the right people if you want any promotion. When you think it can't be worse than it is, it will be, poorly working system, no opportunity to grow in the department. Insane pressure put on employees, they will always give you more work, and tell you you have to be a team player. Extremely toxic atmosphere in the office, gossips, unprofessional behavior. Expedia Group is a HORRIBLE workplace".


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Senior Program Manager - Mobile Applications (Former Employee) says

"Management is immature, inept and confused. Often they make decisions that are beneficial to themselves personally but hurt the company."

Credit Controller (Former Employee) says

"- salary: low salary, does not matter if you have diplomas or not, they make no difference Cons: management, culture, organisation, workload, salary, basically everything"

SDE (Former Employee) says

"You can see a lot of Indian people there who are ready to l... their boss’s .... at any time. Lot of micro management and CPCE is one of the worst org to work in Expedia. Only visa people can survive,"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It's a shadow of the place it used to be. Promises are made and then not kept. Communication is absolutely terrible, things can and do change at a moments notice, without any notification."

Director of Technology (Former Employee) says

"It's all in who you know... Not what you can do. Management needs to stop the old boy network, fire the lackeys and get back to work. Expedia has lost its way Cons: Absolutely everything else"

Property Assistant Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"very fastpaced environment, good benefits. The company commit to several charity events and clean up days. The location is in CBD, easily access by train or bus"

Lodging Support Case Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you are hired through a 3rd party like RPC do not even bother with this place. They offer you a 3 month contract while promising that if you do will they well keep you. They don't keep any of the contractors though. Most get fired for failing fraud calls. People calling in pretend to be other people and it's your fault, even if you ask your security questions correctly."

Partner (Former Employee) says

"The franchise owner had favorites special attention for certain ladies"

International AP Coordinator, Venere (Former Employee) says

"One company I will never go back to... Totally against family. Very unhelpful, also refuge to give me anytime when my dad past away. All about work and I had been there for many years. Cons: You get to leave everyday"

Travel Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They lie about the pay, you get $13.00 per hour and and your told you will receive 2% commission, but instead its 0.002 percent commission. The policy changes on a daily basis.No structure or incentives for the cost of living benefits. The company is not about change, your told it's been this way, for over 30 years. A militant style training and your employment is contingent upon passing a 3 hour test of crammed product knowledge.When you ask about the pay, your told, they will not discuss the pay, not until you pass the test. A lot of favoritism. Very inexperience supervisors, no leadership skills. Very micro managing, every 30 seconds, your reminded about how many calls, are in the que, When their is a Huge Reader Board hanging everywhere. A very high turn over. The computer system is out dated and ancient. It does not work on a daily basis. The travel agents, that call in, receive 15 percent commission and you do all the work and receive less then a penny 0.002 Percent. The desk and chairs are not ergonomically correct, for your back. Cons: Negative moral, micro managing, inexperience leadership, no room for growth, high turnover, no job stability"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"After i understood expedia is a way to scam and cheat people, i left. They dont pay what they have to pay to hosts. Cons: Everything"


"Evidence based excerpt of actual events during my three years in Fraud Ops. Cons: Ceo, Slt, management, lack of morals and ethics, malignant psychopaths, abuse, stress and low rate of pay"

Manager, Data Center Operations (Former Employee) says

"Expedia is a giant bureaucratic organization that stifles individuals. They waste too much money and too much time in asine meetings and bureaucratic time wasting procedures. They are more interested in writing procedures and making up new rules rather than running a lean, mean operating machine. They are liberal and recently got rid of anyone that was conservative. Cons: You had to put up with insanely stupid bureaucratic rules."

Tax Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lots of turn over in the compliance tax team mainly due to horrible leadership by the VP of Global Reporting. VP is a micro-manager that is not that knowledgeable and does not lead by example or lead humbly. Self preservation is management's main priority. Not a place you can work and feel safe. No team work environment and upper management doesn't care. Management is not understanding or fair. Lots of double standard and time spent on immaterial items. It's a company that believes in promoting females which is great but often times undeserving females are promoted due to time with the company. Cons: Management"

Customer Sales Adviser (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't have have even interviewed if I knew how bad this company would be to work for. Cons: Systems were down regularly, so you didn't get paid when you left early"

Cruise Agent (Former Employee) says

"The only good thing was the ability to work from home. The Team Leaders are a joke and have just as high of a turn over rate as regular employees. The training is okay, and the pay absolutely ridiculous in this day and age. If you like taking what they refer to as voluntary time off without pay when the season is slow . Then you can take that job .BUT IF NOT DO NOT DO THIS JOB UNLESS IT IS THE LAST OPTION ON EARTH."

Instructional Designer (Former Employee) says

"I had very unfortunate experiences with Expedia and am very happy not to be working there. Rate of pay is very low for the job they expect. I worked like a dog for about $15,000 a year less than was standard for the area.You can be sure that if you work in certain departments of Expedia that you will be underpaid and underappreciated. If you thrive on corporate conflict, then get out your fangs! You'll love the place."

Lodging Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a temp agency. I was only there for 3 months before I quit. You get 2 weeks of training, and you get absolutely nothing from it. By the 2nd week you get to play on the computers and by then you're out in the floor. You get told in training that you can ask as many questions once on the floor and that's a lie. Your team lead will not help you. Your Co workers are better help than they are. Employees that actually works for the company were getting upset that the temp workers got to partake in activities they were doing. There was alot of backstabbing. Team leads meet once a month to review your score. I got told I was the worst person on our team and by that point I was done and that was what did it in. She was inexperienced and didn't have a clue, to what she was doing. She would say IM her and well she NEVER ANSWERED. It's a joke working there. Cons: Team lead, no benefits."

Reconciliation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at the department you would contact and refund fees for customers that were incorrectly charged by the hotels. While working for Expedia, I learned how to use excel, macros, sales force program, AP recon and OneNote. There was poor organization and management within the Expedia Virtual Card department. The hardest part of the job was the workload. The quota was too hard to make. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the customers and making their problems resolved in a good manner. I enjoy conversating with the hotel managers and companies. Cons: Management, short breaks, stressful environment"

Senior Manager Global Collections (Former Employee) says

"Claims to be a people-centric environment but management and human resources does not support staff. Very much a "he-said/she-said" environment"

john says

"I need to discuss my issue with a live person. All phone tree options request a booking number which I don\'t have. There are NO live people at expedia and definitely NO customer service. Never again..."

Laura Mahany says

"I have been booking with Expedia for 3 years. Overall they used to provide great customer service... then Covid happened. I had a trip to Cancun scheduled 2020 and it was cancelled. The airline Inter-jet is no longer in service so we lost $1960 in flight credits. Expedia will not answer a phone call unless you have booked a trip. So if you need anything you use a virtual rep if available And honestly cannot help you with much if anything at all. I will use my hotel credit and Expedia points this one last trip and I’m done. By the way the insurance purchased is a scam too .. they don’t answer and they don’t really cover anything either 😡😡if there was a 0 rating that’s what they would get. Covid or not it is their job to provide customer service... PERIOD!"

Jessica Rick says

"the German hotline was closed and no support was available in August. Due to urgent vacation information we had to call the UK hotline, had to hold the line for 1.5 hrs and then had a mobile phone bill of 20 Euro - thanks for this support - unbelievable"

Summerita Qarana Ayar says

"Horrible experience every time and for some reason, I try again! I'm done! This was my last time! I booked a 3 night stay and tried to cancel within that day and was told it's between me and the hotel in Mexico. That they are the ones that charged me! Why am I using Expedia if they aren't responsible? Everything I checked said I can cancel and "flexibility matter" but they refuse to cancel my reservation after a few hours! Not ok!I wish I can upload the screenshots to prove it!"

Rhonda Waag Ruhland says

"If I could give no star I would! Very misleading. Our entire family books flights thru airlines directly and because of covid they received a refund on their credit cards. We booked ours thru expedia and was told we would receive a voucher and could be used at a later date( truth is it ends up being two airlines with 4 separate credits for two people and have to be used for those specific airlines) Tried booking a new trip and nothing matches up except for 2 or more stops and much higher for the ticket than other airlines out there that are direct flights too :("

Stijn Delarbre says

"They tell us we only get vouchers from the airline that we need to use before 31 december 2021 for our DIRECT flight we would have to Malta last year. Now we try to book a new flight in May this year, but they do not offer any DIRECT flight to Malta anymore using the same airline. However, they are available on the Air Malta website itself. Their support is just bad, they keep telling they can't do anything. Pretty useless."

Meredith Lipscomb says

"Terrible experience. They charged me a hefty fee for booking lodging through them. I wanted to add a night and was never able to get in touch with them. I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes before being hung up on. I attempted live chat with them 4 different times, and everytime I was told I needed to wait for an agent for 1 to 2 minutes, and no over came to help. What is the purpose of their fee if you can't get any type of service from them. Do not book lodging through Expedia!!"

annyesha dc bagchi says

"Expedia customer service is really disappointing. I booked a round trip flight for my parents visiting USA from India and back. They took the flight from India to USA. However, for the return journey, it was a three leg flight (rdu-jfk-del-ccu). The first leg which was supposed to be operated by Delta was canceled by the airline itself. As expedia couldn’t provide us any suitable connection to jfk, we had to cancel the entire return flight. They are refunding us only the base fare and deducting more than half the fare(taxes+cancellation fees).While trying to make a fresh booking from IAD, they are also charging the difference amount in fare+ rebooking charges per person. So basically, we are losing a huge amount of money now. Neither they are successful in providing a suitable connection to jfk, nor they are agreeing to refund our money. I would never again do business with expedia. Going with Kayak or booking directly from the airline website would be a much better idea."

Sonny says

"Support staff is untrained and unprofessional. Flight was cancelled, tried to book a new one with their support staff and it took them 3 hours and FIVE different operators (not even announced, just dropped out) to tell me I can't book any other flight than my original one, what the hell?"

Leslie Sullivan says

"If you seek Fraudulent transactions & nasty CS reps with minimal English language skills, Expedia is the place for you! I made an online reservation for a Hertz car rental from Expedia 6 weeks in advance. They charged the full amount to my credit card without my authorization, then refused to reverse the charge. Their reason: They could not reach Hertz to authorize the cancellation. I phoned Hertz and they refunded all but $100. Three weeks later, Expedia continues to email me stating they are unable to reach Hertz. I reply to each email and have spoken to their CS in Manila repeatedly. No Help & The ‘supervisor’ was unintelligible & hung up on me. Disreputable & Dishonest -go elsewhere!"

Touria M says

"If I can give less than one star I would. Horrible service. I had an issue with my trip due to Covid. They send me an email informing me that I should receive a refund within 7 days. I didn't receive anything and when I called they told me my trip was not refundable. Not sure what kind of management they have but I will never book any trips through them."

al says

"Booked online for jan 8th and when receiving email with confirmation was for 22nd!!! What a scam just to make you pay $30 more and change date...chat is a waste of time, also getting to talk with someone is a long wait. Forget expedia!!!!"

Teresa Gaddy says

"The worst customer service! I had a vacation booked in a week for my Hawaii vacation they messed up my car rental and canceled my whole trip! Then I call three times speak to three different people and got the worst customer service. I always booked with them and now all of a sudden I’m having the worst customer service and my vacation is canceled and they can’t fix it!"

Mehmet Akcakara says

"Expedia Not a secure page Please be careful when keeping the Hotel they put misleading pictures. When you go and realize that it is not the Hotel you see in the picture, you want to leave, but they still charge."

Gps says

"Total scam artists. Don't waste your time or money. My points have halved in value after postponing 4 nights in Rome due to the travel ban. They repeated that I had got the same amount of points back without acknowledging they were worth 50% less according to my account! Hours spent on live chat and phone calls got me nowhere. Avoid Expedia like the plague."

Customer says

"Awful. Gives over expensive options or no options at all. Worth hunting a few more minutes on the net for a far better deal. Perhaps if they stopped paying their IT nuts USD half a million a year salary, the customers would actually get a better deal. Bye bye Expedia, over priced, over paid, but not over here."

L io says

"I recently booked a ticket to travel to expedia be careful there are hidden charges like the seat bookings, and when I wanted to cancel the ticket they told me to contact the airline and airline policy was that I should inform them within 24 hrs. but due to covid Alberta came into lock down after 48 hrs. and I lost the whole ticket because guess what to make a change to the date there is another fees......expedia use to be good but now not gooood.........."

Yellow Toad says

"This website used to be amazing and my number one option. Ever since the last update it went from a easy five stars down to one and if I could give negative stars If could. They used to have it on flights where you could see the details but they have taken that off where you could view more details on the flight you could see everyting and it was so nice to be able to see. Now it just has where that used to be is about COVID cleaning that's all the other information not the type of aircraft, what they serve, what times, where the connections are, the available seats, and everything else they had. Are you kidding me? What a trash site this deserves to be dumped into raw sewage filtered out and thrown into the dump. Absolutely trash and its ugly too"

Rhita Sanga says

"How do I give 0 star? They don't deserve a star at all. They cancelled my hotel booking the day I was meant to check in after I travelled half the world. Been emailing them for refund for the past 10 days, no response/reply. Bunch of scammers. DONT USE EXPEDIA. THIEVES"

A K says

"Absolutely horrible experience with Expedia. I purchased and all inclusive vacation to Costa Rica along with the "worry free cancellation policy". This was back in march of 2020 when the shut down started. My vacation was cancelled and I received an email saying: No need to contact us we will give you a full credit for 2 years. I tried contacting them for months, and when I finally got through, they said "They will not budge, they can't give you a refund". no manager, no callback, no nothing. DON'T BOOK WITH EXPEDIA"

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